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Fontainebleau, 1-3 July 2019. Courtesy:

José Machado elected great productions with the trailers (thanks to Vera Taquenho). Screenwriters, authors and their works to be known and who could be competing at the Série Series:

Fernando Vendrell and Elsa Garcia

3 Women

Fernando Vendrell and Elsa Garcia's 3 Women (13x50') in the Shangai TV Festival. The series was nominated for the 25th edition of the Magnolia Awards as Best Foreign TV Series/Serial. Written by Fátima Ribeiro and Luís Alvarães with Filipa Martins , Diogo Figueira, Rúben Gonçalves and Flávio Gonçalves as coscreenwriters.

Patrícia Müller

“What does it take to publicize screenwriters who write in Portuguese?”

Patrícia Müller

The creator of Madre Paula / The King’s Favorite, distributed by BetaFilm has it’s new TV miniseries in the editing room, Red Light:

Red Light

Directed by Self Destructive Boys’ Marco Leão et André Santos, Red Light / "Luz Vermelha" was produced by Vende-se Filmes’ Filipa Jardim Reis. The screenwriter Patrícia Müller researched and wrote Red Light inspired by a true story known as “mothers of Bragança”. A city in northern Portugal “invaded” by foreign prostitutes got huge media coverage when the local female population was determined to strike back in order to save their marriages. A case of human traffic for investigative journalism. The cast is brilliant: South’s Afonso Pimentel, Margarida Vila-Nova, and Adriano Carvalho, a surprisingly Negócio da China’s Joaquim Monchique, Golpe de Sorte’s Henriqueta Maya, 2018 Emmy-winner The Payback’s Sofia Nicholson, 2011 Emmy-winner Blood Ties’ João Baptista, the première of Mariana Badam, the characters of Mayor’s family (Dinarte Branco, Maria João Pinho, Bruna Quintas and Luís Ganito), their couple friends (Ângela Marques and The King’s Favorite’s Paulo Calatré), 3 Women’s João Lagarto as editor-in-chief, the alcoholic journalist Cesário Monteiro, the Foreigners and Borders Service officers Graciano Dias, Duarte Grilo and João Araújo and the prostitutes performed by Sara Norte, Renata Ferraz, Cecília Henriques and Joana Pialgata.

Madre Paula / The King’s Favorite

Paradise Descendants

Henrique Oliveira

Vidago Palace

Vidago Palace (6x50') from the Portuguese creator and coproducer Henrique Oliveira , HOP with Portocabo's Alfonso Blanco, distributed by Banijay Rights.

Edgar Medina, Guilherme Mendonça and Ivo M. Ferreira

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#Sul / #South – da #ArquipélagoFilmes para a #RTP – é a única série portuguesa no #BuyersShowcase #SeriesMania. O fórum profissional começa amanhã. #VSéries #Lille

Uma publicação partilhada por José Machado ( a

Portuguese Film and Audiovisual Institute vice-president Maria Mineiro,

at IndieLisboa 2019's screening of the two first episodes of South.

South / Sur / Sud / Sul

The authors Edgar Medina (also the South's producer), Guilherme Mendonça et Ivo M. Ferreira (also South's director),

with the coscreenwriter Rui Cardoso Martins .

The director Ivo M. Ferreira:

The actors explain how they work with the director.

South’s protagonist is the detective Humberto, one of the most dense works among the many who already represented the actor Adriano Luz:

Adriano Luz .

The soundtrack was composed and interpreted by Dead Combo’s Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves:

Tó Trips partage ses premières impressions après avoir vu les deux premiers épisodes of South in IndieLisboa.

Afonso Pimentel is one of the best actors of his generation:

Matilha’s Afonso Pimentel, it's a name to remember and a character of what is unique. The uniqueness of each being and not just a small-time crook.

The detective Alice is described by the actress Jani Zhao herself:

Jani Zhao .

Edgar Medina in Conecta FICTION 3 (this footage was shooted with a cellphone to be available now; a broadcast-quality version will be released later):

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